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ProNeuron offers rehabilitation, therapy and assessment services as well as medical specialist services in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa and remotely. Our experts provide help with various individual problems that may emerge during all stages of life, from childhood through adolescence and to adulthood.

ProNeuron’s experts are experienced professionals in neuropsychiatry, neurology and psychiatry licenced by Valvira. ProNeuron provides comprehensive neurological, psychiatric and neuropsychiatric services flexibly under one roof and without the need for medical referral.

Out health services can be reimbursed by Kela. Several insurance companies may also reimburse the cost of medical specialist appointments and further assessments as recommended by the specialist. Make sure to check with Your insurance provider to see whether these services are covered by Your plan.

ProNeuron also customizes service packages for municipalities/cities as needed. In addition to various cities we partner with, for example, Kela and Helsinki University Hospital/HUS.



Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation


A neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s strengths and difficulties regarding information processing, emotional regulation and behavioral issues. Problems in these areas commonly occur with various developmental, neurological or psychiatric disorders. As such, a neuropsychological assessment is typically a part of diagnosing developmental disorders (e.g. ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders), detecting learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) or evaluating a person’s general cognitive level. During the assessment, information is gathered by way of interviews, previous health records, questionnaires and formal structured tasks. The neuropsychologist will evaluate the client’s functioning in their everyday life, their studies or working life, and makes recommendations regarding support or rehabilitation needs. The assessment always includes both oral and written feedback. You can also seek neuropsychological assessment with or without a referral from a doctor.


Neurospychological rehabilitation is individually planned and goal-directed rehabilitation for clients who struggle with information processing, emotional regulation or behavioral issues due to, for example, developmental, neurological or psychiatric disorders. The purpose of rehabilitation is to support the client’s functioning in, for example, their studies, working life or everyday life. The goals and content of the rehabilitation are tailored to fit the needs and wishes of the client and are often based on the observations made during a neuropsychological assessment. Appointments can take place at ProNeuron’s offices or remotely online and, when necessary, in the clients’ everyday environments.


Neuropsychiatric coaching

Neuropsychiatric coaching is goal-directed rehabilitation for clients who struggle with functioning in their everyday life. Clients may have a developmental neuropsychiatric diagnosis (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome) or, for other reasons, have problems with social skills, life management and other tasks that require executive functioning. The goal of the coaching can, for example, be strengthening functioning in everyday life, supporting skills needed for study or work and enhancing social skills. The goals for neuropsychiatric coaching are very concrete and measurable and the client’s progress is monitored regularly. Coaching can take place either at ProNeuron’s offices, remotely online or in the client’s everyday environments (e.g. home, running errands, school, workplace).


NUOTTI coaching

NUOTTI coaching is a personalised type of coaching for young persons who have experienced a significant decline in their functional capacity. The goal is to strengthen the participants’ own conception of their strengths and resources and to bolster life management skills and the competences needed to participate in working life. During the coaching, the participants take the first steps towards starting a course of education and entering the working world.

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Occupational therapist’s functional assessment

The aim of an OT functional assesment is to find out which aspects of the client’s life create challenges and which are running smoothly. This is done by mapping out groups of essential functions which affect the client’s agency and ability to function in everyday life.

These essential functions include taking care of oneself and perform activities of daily life living, running errands, participation in recreational activities and society at large, time management, rest, as well as school and work performance and particiation. In addition, the assessment includes testing of the client’s skills, such as processing, motor, social and psychological skills and, when necessary, sensory processing. In practice, the evaluation assessment consists of interviewing the client and their support network, observing the client and using structured, semi-structured and self-assessment tools along with performing tasks which are assessed by the OT. Once the evaluation assessment is finished, the client receives oral feedback and a written summary of results and recommendations.


Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation

The goal of occupational therapy is to find ways for the client to live an everyday life of their own liking and wishes. Various kinds of delays and disorders in growth and development as well as sustaining injuries, going through  life crises and ageing all bring changes to one’s ability to function on an age-appropriate level in everyday life. In occupational therapy the client may strengthen their ability to function, (re)learn skills of everyday living or finding ways to compensate for challenges and disabilities. This enables the client to recognize and master ways of looking after themselves, interacting with others, of working or studying and participating in recreational activities and play. In addition, the occupational therapists assess and supports the client’s surroundings environment in order to strengthen the client’s agency and functioning in their everyday life.

The goals for the occupational therapy rehabilitation are determined individually depending on the client’s needs and and life situation. Occupational therapy goals are concrete, achievable and measurable.


Speech therapy

The field of speech and language therapy includes the assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of various developmental impairments to do with speech, language, interaction, communication and feeding across all age groups. Services are also provided for clients with voice disorders or adult neurological problems.

Speech therapy sessions may take place at the clinic, in the everyday environment of the client (e.g. home, daycare, school, housing or other facility, workplace) or remotely online. In addition to one-on-one work with the client, an essential part of rehabilitation is co-operation with and guidance for the client’s loved ones and other members of their support system.

Speech therapists are also experts in forms of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). These include the use of pictures, photos, signing, communication boards and books as well as electronical communication aids to strengthen communication and functioning in everyday life.

In English, ProNeuron offers consultation and support in speech and communication issues, voice, feeding and oral-motor problems in children, adolescents and adults.


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